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PhD in Architecture 2017, Joint PhD with
KU Leuven Campus Sint-Lucas, Ghent (TUBITAK Research Fellowship Grant)
• Istanbul Technical University (ITU) (ITU BAP PhD Research Grant)
"Experiments, Practices and Positions in Architectural Design Studio" supervised by Prof.Dr.Arzu Erdem, Prof.Dr.Kris Scheerlinck, and Dr.Burak Pak
MSc in Architectural Design, Istanbul Technical University (ITU) 2011
"A Multi-layered Approach on Urban Experience through Parallax View" supervised by Prof.Dr.Arzu Erdem
BArch Istanbul Technical University (ITU) 2008
Honours Degree,
Erasmus Exchange Program ENSAG, Grenoble 2005-2006


Visiting Researcher, Royal College of Art, School of Architecture, London 2019-2020
• Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (TUBITAK Research Fellowship Grant)
• Visiting Lecturer

Assistant Professor of Architecture, MEF University, Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture, Istanbul September 2017 -
• Program Coordinator, Alternative Architectural Practices Graduate Program
• Erasmus Coordinator, Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture
Tutor at:
• Design Studio 1st Year
• Visual Communication
• Design Encounters
• Professional Practice
• Design-Build Studio, Kilyos Boathouse for Bogazici University Marine and Sailing Club, June/July 2017

Adjunct Lecturer, MEF University, Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture, Istanbul February-August 2017
• Design Studio 1st Year
• Visual Communication
• Design-Build Studio

Visiting PhD Fellow, Studio Tutor, KU Leuven Sint-Lucas Faculty of Architecture Brussels, 2015-2016
• International Master of Architecture Brussels Semester 1 Design Studio, Urban Projects & Urban Cultures, Fall 2015

Research and Teaching Assistant, Istanbul Technical University, Department of Architecture, December 2010-January 2017
• Master's Course: Architecture, Design, Theory, Fall 2016
• Design Studio 2nd Year: Dwelling Design and Community Making, Fall 2016
• Design Studio 4th Year: Urban Defrag, Spring 2016
• Design Studio 3rd Year: Rethinking, Reading the City, Spring 2014
• Design Diploma Project: Adjunct City, Fall 2013
exploring and manifesting contradictory and complementary forces of a complex urban entity in Bomonti case.
• Design Studio 4th Year: Adaptiogenesis, Fall 2013
focusing on designing coexistence, border urbanism with brief workshops
• Design Studio 1st Year: Otherminds, Fall 2012 & Spring 2013
brief workshops, focusing on discovering and criticizing with the other, discussing architectural representations as a thinking-designing skill. outputs can be viewed at http://otekikafalar.blogspot.com
• Design Diploma Project: Sports Complex in an industrial neighbourhood, Fall 2012
• Elective Course: Subjects of Architecture, Spring 2012
• Design Studio 2nd Year: Blurred way to open black boxes, Fall 2011 and Spring 2012
experimental design studio with a chain of tasks given in a blurred way.
• Design Diploma Project: Haydarpasa Railway Museum, Hotel, Residence, Fall 2011
• Design Studio 4th Year: Ideas for Caddebostan Coastline, Summer 2011
• Design Studio 4th Year: Library +, Spring 2011

Teaching Assistant, Department of Architecture, Haliç University, Istanbul 2009-2010

Intern Architect, ArkiZON Architects, Istanbul June-September 2007

• Moderated the panel: ‘Open Boundary’ as part of London Festival of Architecture 2019, hosting Mert Eyiler, Alper Derinbogaz, Dilek Öztürk, 04.06.2019, TTC London
• Moderated the panel: ‘Alternative Architecture Practices’, hosting Ayfer Bartu Candan,
Arda Inceoglu, Emir Drahsan, Esra Sert, Melike Altinisik, Oral Göktas, Kürsad Özdemir,
23.05.2019, SALT Galata, Istanbul
• ‘Debates around Architecture & Housing’, hosting Dietmar Koering, Benjamin Michel, Adam Tarr, Sam Jacoby, Valerio Massaro, Seyithan Özer, Francesca Romano Forlini, Sait Ali Köknar, Hayriye Sözen, Refik Akyüz, Seçil Yersel, Alper Derinbogaz, Salih Küçüktuna and Mert Eyiler (organised by MeMALondon and RCA MPhil/PhD Programmes), 27.01.2018, Royal College of Art, London
• Moderated the panel: ‘Architectural Criticism and Publishing’, hosting Alev Erkmen (YTU), Esen Karol (manifold.press), Yasemin Keskin Enginöz (YAPI), 28.12.2016, ITU Faculty of Architecture, Istanbul


International Journals
• Aydemir A. Z., Almaç B, "Gaze Machines of Field", The International Journal of Design Education, Vol.10, No.1, 03/2016, pp.21-29, Common Ground Publishing.
• Almaç B., Aydemir A. Z., "Places of Curiosity", The International Journal of Design Education, Vol.9, No.2, 06/2015, pp.11-21, Common Ground Publishing.
• Aydemir A. Z., "Architectural Image as a Reproductive Aesthetic Experience: The Louvre-Lens", The International Journal of the Image, Vol. 4, No. 2, 06/2014, pp. 33-42, ISSN: 2154-8560, Common Ground Publishing.

Conference Proceedings & Papers
• Aydemir A. Z., Sezgin A., Inceoglu A. (2019). "A Design-build experience: Kilyos Boathouse", EAAE Annual Conference and General Assembly 2019: The Hidden School, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Architcture, Croatia, 28.08.2019-31.08.2019.
• Aydemir A. Z. (2018), "Learning from Pedagogical Experiments", EURAU18 Alicante Retroactive Research, Alicante University, Spain, 19.09.2018-22.09.2018
• Pak B., Aydemir A. Z., "Understanding the Verbal Concepts Appropriated by the Students in Architectural Design Studio", The eCAADe 2016, Oulu School of Architecture, Finland, 24.08.2016 - 26.08.2016
• Aydemir A. Z., Pak B., Scheerlinck K. (2017). The Role of Representations in Architectural Design Learning. In Couceiro da Costa, M. (Ed.), Roseta, F. (Ed.), Couceiro da Costa, S. (Ed.), Lages, J. (Ed.), Architectural Research Addressing Societal Challenges: Proceedings of the EAAE ARCC 10th International Conference (EAAE ARCC 2016), 15-18 June 2016, Lisbon, Portugal: Vol. 2. the EAAE/ARCC International Conference. Lisbon, 15-18 June 2016 (pp. 1107-1114) CRC Press/Balkema, Taylor and Francis Group
• Aydemir A. Z., "Experimental Practices in Architectural Design Studio", 11/2015, s. 13, PhD by Design, Researching across difference, Goldsmiths, University of London, 11/5/2015 - 11/6/2015,
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• Eren Ç, Erdem A, Baycan I, Aydemir Z, "Experience_Represent_Manipulate", 10/2009, IAPS: Revitalising Built Environments, ITU Faculty of Architecture, Istanbul, 17.10.2009 - 19.10.2009
• Aydemir A. Z., 2013. "A Multi-layered Approach on Urban Experience through Parallax View", EAEA11 2013. Envisioning Architecture: Design, Evaluation, Communication, Morello, E., & Piga, B. E. (Eds.), pp. 159-166, ISBN: 978-886-81-2136-5,
DOI: 10.4458/1365, Roma: Edizioni Nuova Cultura.
• Aydemir A. Z., Baycan I., 2015. "Future Scenario: The Effect of Digitalisation and E-commerce on the Ecology of the City", Taarla: Istanbul için Öngörüler, Sentürer, A., Berber, Ö., Paker, N., Senel, A. (Eds.), pp. 114-117, ISBN: 978-605-47-7885-0, Istanbul: ITU Vakfi Yayinlari.

Aydemir A. Z., Soher S., Aksoy M., Baslo M. (Series Editors), "ARCHED 2013: Association of Architecture Education Student Awards", ISBN: 978-605-01-0616-9, Ankara: ARCHED, Chamber of Architects, 2014.

• Aydemir A. Z., 2019. "Stüdyoda Pozisyonlar", XXI magazine. https://xxi.com.tr/i/studyoda-pozisyonlar
• Turkkan S., Aydemir A. Z., 2017. "Reflections on the Summerschool as a Multicontextual Learning Experience", Old Landscaped & New Urbanities, Gheysen, M., Daele Van, E. (Eds.), pp. 94-95, ISBN: 9789 0825 10836, Ghent: KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture campus Sint-Lucas.

OPPO, co-founder 2012-
Happiness Machines: An Exhibition on Commercial Buildings
• 'Strata Manifesto' is exhibited in Postcards from the Anthropocene: Unsettling the Geopolitics of Representation at the University of Edinburgh in June 2017

difüzyon, co-founder 2006-2011

• Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park Martyrs Memorial Design Competition (reporter) June 2014
• ArchED (Association of Architectural Education), Student Competition, (reporter) November 2013
• Lüleburgaz Municipality Bus Terminal, National Competition with Özgün Yücetürk February 2013
• Usak City Hall, National Competition with Ipek Baycan, Nazli Tümerdem and Özgün Yücetürk April 2013
• ITU Ayazaga Campus Design Competition (reporter) June 2012
Compasso Volante, Never Ending Expo, International Competition, Mention Award with Arzu Erdem, Ipek Yürekli, Ipek Baycan, Bora Özkus and Bengi Güldogan September 2010
De-zone City: urban nucleus, d3 Housing For Tomorrow International Competition (exhibited in UDESIGN Monterrey) with Bihter Almaç and Ipek Baycan March 2010
• Fethiye Municipality Shopping Centre, National Competition with ArkiZON August 2008
Basaksehir City Center, National Competition, with Alper Derinbogaz, Nil Aynali, Evren Uzer and Ipek Baycan April 2007
Kaplikaya Recreation Valley, National Competition, 4th Mention with Ferhan Yürekli, Irem Mollaahmetoglu and Hakan Sakarya August 2005
• ArchED (Association of Architectural Education), Student Competition, 1st Prize March 2005
Diffusewall Taskisla Stationary Design, Student Competition, 1st Prize with Alper Derinbogaz, Birge Yildirim and Ipek Baycan October 2004


Urban Fissure Workshop (MEF University, Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture) (tutor) 2017
EAAE Education Academy 3rd Workshop 'School Practices', Academy of Architecture Amsterdam, Amsterdam University of Arts (keynote speech) 2017
Streetscape Territories New York Masterclass (KU Leuven) (participant) 2017
Old Landscapes & New Urbanities (KU Leuven) (tutor) 2016
• Visions for Kastamonu (ITU MArch) (tutor) 2014
Urban Cloud Workshop (ITU & SALT Galata) (tutor) 2013
24hWorkshop: Beijing, Turin, Istanbul, Delft, PennState (instructor) 2012
The City Wall Project: Thessaloniki (AUTH & ITU) (tutor) 2012
• Urban Dreams Workshop (TMMOB-Chamber Of Architects & ITU) (tutor) 2009
• Mapping Balat: New Ideas for Old Balat (Westminster Univ. & ITU) 2008
• Network Behaviour Workshop, ITU (instructed by Prof.Dr.Arzu Erdem and Dr.Burak Pak) 2007
• Processing Workshop, ITU (instructed by Burak Arikan from MIT Design Lab) 2006
• Kavala Student Centre Workshop, Greece (instructed by Prof.Dr.Gülsün Saglamer) 2006
• Biennale de L’habitat Durable de Grenoble, France 2006 (International Workshop, instructed by Dennis Crampton from Archigram)
• Re-reading the Urban Transformation in Istanbul: The Park Hotel (Berlin UDK&ITU) 2005
• City Workshops, ITU (instructed by Nazli Eda Noyan) 2005
• EASA, European Architecture Students Assembly, Bergün, Switzerland 2005
• Stereo Photography Workshop, ITU 2005
• Land art Workshop, Trilye, Bursa 2004