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difüzyon is an event organization platform that underlines city, architecture, video, photography, fashion and design in general meaning. The organization is characterized by an D.I.Y (Do-it-yourself) attitude and a ‘bottom-up’ and/or ‘open source’ approach.

difüzyon created in Istanbul by Pinar Arslan, Zeynep Aydemir, Ipek Baycan, Gizem Candemir, Alper Derinbogaz, Edwin Gardner, Bengi Guldogan, Enise Burcu Karacizmeli, Meriç Öner, Burak Pak and Dogukan Ulupinar.

Its flagship event fourhundredseconds were curated as evenings where designers gathered to present their projects in 6 minutes and 40 seconds - 400 sec. The presentation format was derived from the widely known Pecha Kucha. In a saturated one and a half hour, audiences would get a sample of the full spectrum of Istanbul’s rich creative culture. They were designated to become common grounds for architects designers, artists, culture producers and other creatives to meet and exchange ideas.



architecture battles/mimarlik savaslari