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Strata Manifesto was proposed for 2nd Istanbul Design Biennial by OPPO in 2013; is exhibited in Postcards from the Anthropocene: Unsettling the Geopolitics of Representation at the University of Edinburgh in June 2017

Zeynep Aydemir, Benek Çinçik, Bengi Güldogan, Deniz Tümerdem

Strata Manifesto
“He traveled over hill and dale.”

Geological thinking; stretches time beyond the human history with ‘deep time’; speed, from daily flux, to tectonic plates’ movements; and scale, from human to the planetary. The human-centric perception of a conquerable static world should evolve into a planet-centric perception of a responsive, dynamic world. In Anthropocene ‘strata’ should be re-defined as sections of a network formed by dynamic mineral-organic-cultural components. Design theory and practices should be approached as a re-configuration of intensities of any strata in subject.